First of all, great to have you here!

I run an advisory firm that helps companies, universities and startups to develop and take to market new digital products, services and platforms. I also develop my own digital products and coach new product developers & entrepreneurs.

During last 20 years I’ve worked with tens of digital productions including apps, games, e-commerce sites and mobile tools from early stage concept to scale up. I’ve worked with transactional, advertising, subscription based, free to play, data driven as well as project based business models. I talk board room and KPIs as well as APIs and software.

I’ve also founded a software startup from scratch that was nothing less than life changing experience (that project turned me into a producer and service designer in addition to being a commercialization expert & CEO). Before that I CEO’d a few startups and also worked as corporate director for 11 years.

Over the years I’ve developed my own approach how to mix and match commercial sense, product development, customer and team insight, data & analytics, community building and go-to-market into a digital product package that stands out from the crowd. I call this way “meta product”, so if you hear me talking more about that, this is what it means.

When not working, I am learning how to be a better veggie chef, tennis player, aqua jogger and Spanish speaker.

Thanks for reading this far, and let me know if there is something I can do to help?!

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