Tiina Zilliacus

  • – serial entrepreneur
  • – growth advisor
  • – business angel

“I help people, teams, products and new markets to grow”.

Hello, great to have you here! I’m Tiina Zilliacus, a multi-disciplinary entrepreneur and growth advisor working at the intersection of business, digital technology and value added services since 1997.
I help people, teams, products and new markets to grow. I start from strengths and experiments looking for a growth path with least resistance. Less time, less waste of resources and less hassle means more energy into what matters. Before building any digital experience I strive to understand the human situation. Understanding what moves people to action is vital.
Keywords for me when building the new include trust, direction, new business models, customer development, openness, creativeness, originality, functionality, ease of use, data based decision making, efficiency and hands on doing.

Coming soon: podcast for new builders!

I apply experience, insight, service design, customer connection, data science, commercial sense and growth leadership to digital and real world challenges, and help others to do the same.

A great new concept addresses a clear problem, is easy to test and targets big enough market. For me real kick comes from a unique concept core, and courage to stand out by relying on it.

If you don’t understand how humans make decisions, your solution will likely fall short because you don’t understand how people will interact with it (or with your pitch).

Doing and testing matters, throwing money at the problem rarely works.


Advisory work

  • Corporations
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  • Scaleups
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  • Startups
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  • Innovation funds and think tanks
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“Tiina makes new services happen, from concept to customer testing to data driven development. Whatever she helps us with, she also makes sure the competence grows within our own team.”
– Leena Helminen
Director, Fresh Products, Apetit
Above you can find some of my advisory work references throughout the ecosystem. In addition to advisory services via my consultancy company Teezed Oy, I work with startups via Cherryontop Ventures. I’ve shipped for real and helped others to ship with less tens of times. Who knows how to stay open and to learn efficiently, becomes successful. Let’s discuss how can I help your team, product and market to grow!


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